Best Psychiatrists Birmingham AL

We now live in a time when the stigma surrounding mental health is slowly decreasing. As conversations and advocacies on mental health are starting to get arise and get noticed, people who are dealing with issues regarding their mental health are also starting to speak up and get the help they need without the fear of being ostracized by society. However, finding the right psychiatrist for you and your preferences can still be a little challenging even to this day. In this article, we will share with you some of the best psychiatrists in Birmingham AL so you can try to visit them if ever you need one.

Why should I consult with a psychiatrist?

The symptoms for some of the most common mental health conditions may vary from person to person. Deciding on what kind of mental health professional to see will greatly depend on what kind of intervention you need and the mental health issue you are dealing with. When it comes to consulting a psychiatrist, some of the most common problems you should consider include: (1) excessive anxiety or worry; (2) depression; (3) problems adjusting to life changes; (4) phobias; (5) addiction or substance abuse; (6) unexplained mood swings; and (7) suicidal thoughts. While some of these may overlap with symptoms concerning problems that need to be addressed by other mental health professionals, it is best to prioritize a psychiatric consult before anything else.

How to choose the right psychiatrist for me?

Most people find their psychiatrists through referrals from their other doctors or even from their relatives and friends. However, for people who are feeling lost and have no one to ask of, they may choose the right psychiatrist for them by considering the following factors: (1) insurance coverage; (2) communication styles; (3) patient reviews; (4) psychiatrist’s specialties; (5) office location and telemedicine options; and (6) gender preference if applicable. Ideally, it is best to look for someone whose services are covered by your insurance; match your communication style; has positive reviews; specializes in the issue you are dealing with; and is near your residence or office.

Best psychiatrists in Birmingham

There are various psychiatric clinics and professionals in Birmingham and in the entire state of Alabama. Per our research, here are some of the best psychiatrists you can check if ever you need some advice regarding your mental health.

  1. Jack W. Murbach – is a board-certified psychiatrist with subspecialty certifications in addiction psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. He has worked in a variety of settings, including the United States Navy, private practice, hospital-based practice, public psychiatry, addiction hospital, prison consultant, and court consultant.
  2. Ione Sherley – is a pediatric and adult psychiatry board-certified physician. She has 30 years of daily experience in the outpatient treatment of all psychiatric disorders, including therapy, medications, family interventions, TMS, Esketamine, and others.
  3. Amber Abrams – is a board-certified adult psychiatrist who specializes in adult ADHD, depression, anxiety, and trauma-related conditions. She went on to medical school and a residency in psychiatry at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.


These are just some of the well-known psychiatrists in Birmingham but they are the best in their field. If ever you need more information regarding mental health, you can check out our other articles or the site for more details.