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  • Vitamins for healthy hair 2020

    Woman Beautiful Hair

    Spring is the season when the nature is reborn, and is time to refresh and purify your body, take care of you beauty and of course your hair. If you have a teenager at home, will probably notice that your skin and hair in this season are problematic. The hormonal changes at this age often […]

  • Does the hair accustomed to the shampoo? 2020

    Home Remedies for Hair Growth

    You feel that your hair is accustomed to the shampoo you use for some time? Of course, only fantasize. The hair on the head are dead cells and can not get used to anything. So does a hair treatment even works? Another issue is that you are familiar with the use of a shampoo and […]

  • Mint and chocolate mask for your hair 2020

    Mint Chocolate mask

    We will give you some tips for the therapy that revitalizes and soothes damaged and colored hair. After washing with a moisturizing shampoo, chocolate mask is applied, which stand 20 minutes for reconstruction of the hair, then rinse hair and mint mask is applied, which has a cooling effect and improves the microcirculation of the […]

  • Mask and shampoo for extremely damaged hair 2020

    Loreal haircare

    If you are in search of a product that can do wonders with your hair severely damaged, do not miss the offer of professional hair cosmetics Renaitre. Mask and shampoo are the newest natural Loreal Professional Series, which became a sensation throughout Europe. Enriched with rice protein, which smooths the hair fiber, it seems to […]

  • Argan oil for hair 2020

    Argan oil haircare

    Recently, it is talking very much about Argan oil, and especially for its application to the hair. Large cosmetic companies started to invest in the most luxurious products. Argan oil is an extremely valuable product of Morocco. It takes ten hours of human labor for harvesting only liter of liquid gold. More important for us, […]