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  • Hair braids 2020

    Hair braids

    The hairstyles, such as hair braids, trends for Fall-Winter were again inspired by the catwalks and the fashion. Curls, ponytail, bun, hair styled retro press or braids will be the most recent season. For many ladies the hair braids remain undisputed favorite and the next fastest solution for hair styling after ponytail. In the collections […]

  • How to make hairstyle in layers 2020

    hairstyle in layers

    TONI & GUY showed great layered hairstyle with smooth flowing layers, tapered edges and thick bangs – a fashionable look with chic motorcycle that is part of their new collection – Freedom. The hairstyle is suitable for long and medium length hair, and this article will see how to make this haircut step by step. […]

  • Looking Glamorous with Medium Length Hairstyle for Women 2020

    woman hairstyle medium

    Medium length hairstyle for women will look even better with a layered haircut.  Layered haircut would look really good on a medium length hair woman. Hollywood celebs like Eva Longoria and Kelly Clarkson are a good example for a great layered haircut. Layered haircut will keep it interesting on a medium length hair. You can […]

  • Reasons to Choose Blonde and Black Hairstyles 2020

    blond hair

    Blonde and black hairstyles are great for some women. Every hairstyle will reflect the women’s taste and personality. For women, hair is one important part of their body. Hair is every woman’s crown. Some women will change the style of their hairstyle, and they desired to get new looks by playing the hair. They want […]

  • Refresh your vision with new hairstyle 2020

    Fashion hairstyle

    To remove a couple of years the personal vision instead of botox injections, laser, removes wrinkles, or other magic creams, just change the hair color and hairstyle. The new hairstyle can easily refresh your vision and make you look more stylish, beautiful and younger. Your hairdresser and knows the taste and preferences. And ask for […]

  • How to make a double knot hairstyle 2020

    double knot hairstyle

    Bun hairstyles are very trendy this season. Stylists showed any options – low, high, classical, French ballerina bun, buns with braids etc. In this topic, you see a good idea of universal summer hairstyle that you can use as daily style: the beach or the office and evening hairstyle for evenings in clubs. Friday night […]

  • Summer Styling of Wet Hair 2020

    WetHair style

    If you want to diversify your vision hairstyle try wet hair this summer. The Effect of the wet hair is one of the hottest hair trends for the new season, and stylists from the world fashion gives a pretty good idea. Completely turned back hair, shiny hair effect. This style is suitable for almost any […]

  • Valentino hairstyle Summer/Spring 2020

    Valentino hairstyle 2012

    If you want to make an impression with your hair this season, choose the style of Valentino. His Romantic Updo with braided hair is one of the most beautiful hairstyles, the fashion shows for spring-summer 2012. This fabulous hairstyle is a loose French braid that goes around your head like a wreath. It is suitable […]

  • Zig-zag hair braid 2020

    Zig-zag hair braid

    The Zig-zag hair braid is a wonderful hairstlyle! The hairstyles for the summer should be fresh and easy, as the modern trends are based on the beauty of your hair and face. The Zig-zag braid, also called snake or caterpillar is one of the most spectacular hairstyles with braids for everyday or special occasions.   […]

  • Hair braid wrapped 2020

    hair braid wrapped

    The approaching autumn can not scare you, right? For your summer running at full power and has no intention of ending soon. Keep it up and have fun to the max. Meanwhile, let me show you a haircut, very comfortable for long trips, beach and sea adventures. In its briefing to make us acquainted Joanna […]