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  • What Mascara Does Kim Kardashian Use 2020

    Kardashian Beauty Whiplash Mascara

    Do you want to know what mascara does Kim Kardashian use? Well whenever Kim Kardashian needs to glam it up for the red carpet, or even for her everyday look for which we know she is famous, she uses the Kardashian Beauty Whiplash Mascara. This mascara is from her very own make-up line which she […]

  • What is Kim Kardashian’s Make-up Brand 2020

    What is Kim Kardashian’s Make-up Brand

    Have you ever noticed how Kim Kardashian always has such a lovely glow? Her make-up is always done to the nines and it doesn’t matter what look she is sporting, she always looks flawless. What is Kim Kardashian’s make-up brand? It’s Kardashian Beauty. Kim Kardashian’s look changes as often as her mood does. Sometimes it […]

  • What Blush Does Kim Kardashian Use 2020

    Mac Cantaloupe Blush

    When we see this stunning woman, we can’t help but wonder what beauty products she uses. For this article, we will look into what blush does Kim Kardashian use. Well, we did some digging and found out that she uses the Mac Cantaloupe Blush. The Mac Cantaloupe Blush is a satin blush which gives a […]