Cold hair curling

Curly HairIt is no secret that the summer sun leaves its autograph on our beautiful hair, but cold hair curling could be the solution! If you want curly hair, but not the additional diffuser or curling iron press, we offer you 8 proven methods for hair styling without heating. Curling without heating requires more time than other methods, but with your patience it all will pay off with natural curls and healthy, nourished hair. How often do women use curling without heating at night to have perfect hair in the morning?


An important condition for curling without heating it is to be clean and slightly damp. If you try to perm immediately after the bath, the result will be wet hair, no curls and headache or cold. If your hair is dry, will dampen using a nebuliser. To achieve curls, and here you should seek the help of foam hair lacquer sprays and other styling. You should also know that every hair reacts differently to different methods, so be prepared that you may be successful only in some of them.
Curling with Headband
You need elastic headband – the thickness depends on your preferences. Place it so that it covers the entire head. Start wrapping strands of hair around the band used it as a hoop. If your hair is shorter and worry that locks can not get out, catch the end with the pins. Leave for a few hours and then remove the tape.
Curling with beer
For many women perming beer sounds strange, but in fact the ingredients of beer nourish the hair and strengthen hair. All you have to do is mash slightly damp hair with beer, as well as crush foam and leave it to dry (or if you can not wait to purge gently with a hairdryer ). Receive a natural curls similar to those of the diffuser. Do not worry about the smell, because that does not remain. Some replace beer with albumen.
Curling with socks
You need four more stockings. Divide hair into two and then each side of the two. Locks in place the sock and start winding like a roll. Since the sock is longer, it captures more hair and curling easier. Finally, tie the sock and a few hours later relax curls.
Curling with shallow
If you want light waves rather than traditional curls best perm her her tied in a braid. Ideal for this purpose, knits like herringbone or mermaid or Egyptian shallow because covering all the hair, starting from the top and going to the ends.

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