Curling Hair 2020

HairThe stars like the changes and new visions and therefore tend to not hold long on any particular trend and try a variety of one of his appearance on the red carpet to another. Of course, most easily change the image with style, for example, color your hair in the opposite color, even to choose a bright hue or original to shape differently. However a successful hair quickly landed a new trend as before and all rights braids and buns then, celebrities have now fallen under the power of waves breaking of hair in the style of the 50s of last century. Recent appearances on red carpets were literally drenched in retro spirit, it is because of such asymmetrical stylized wavy stairs and big curls hairstyles. Models in the style of Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo appear one after another, combined with a great way of make-up vamp – red lips, long eyelashes, painted eyes.
Here are some more pictures of waving curls and waves:
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