Don’t get jealous, get a straightening iron! 2020

Long HairDo you get jealous every time you see the girl with gorgeous straight hair sweep by you in the mall? There are two ways to get over this. One is attack her with a razor, the other is you get yourself a decent flat iron. The first option will more than likely involve you spending some time in jail or doing some community service, the other option will give you straight hair. In case you are not sure, the second option is the one we recommend:).
If you have naturally frizzy, curly or Afro-Caribbean hair, then you know that a blow dryer is never going to give you the beautiful glossy hair you are so jealous of. Before you ask yourself what the best straightener for you is here are some things that we think you should know.

For the best results prepare your hair
Every manual that comes with a hair straightener states that you should never use it on wet hair. If you do you will fry your hair strands and seriously damage your hair. One salon owner to the stars said that protective thermal styling products are a good idea to put on your hair before applying a flat iron to it.
If you have very thick, or curly or wavy hair, then try using a straightening mousse or lotion. Detangling your hair with a brush or your fingers so that it hangs smoothly is also a very good idea.

Dry your hair naturally
If you can, let your hair dry naturally before using a hair straightener. The reason for this is that if you use a hair dryer, the heat prods your cuticles open which stops your hair from looking shiny and can potentially allow your hair to get damaged. When your hair is allowed to dry naturally it is much stronger so if you have long or thick hair consider drying it overnight.

Buy a model with a swivel cord
One practical issue that is important to consider when looking at hair straighteners is the cord. A fixed unresponsive cord might be hard to balance on a flat surface increasing the potential for it to fall over and burn something or someone in the process. Look for ones with swivel chords that have plenty of extra cord length. The swivel function and extra length will allow you to stand up, reach around the back of your head or move away from the plug socket to see your reflection in the mirror more clearly.

Hair Straighteners get hot, hot, hot
Did you know that at their highest setting straightening irons get hot enough to roast a chicken and they reach this temperature in as little as two minutes? It is no surprise then that flat irons account for numerous burns each year and some of them very serious.
Although they heat up incredibly quickly, they can take up to half an hour to cool down which means you need to make sure that you keep them away from vulnerable people like the elderly and small children.

Now that we have cleared that up, good luck finding the best straightener for your needs.

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