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Do you know what marriage means to a person? Marriage generally relates to two people of the opposite gender making a promise in front of their respective parents to live with each other in every circumstance and promising to face every problem together. In most of the culture, women have very few rights of their own and even they are not able to get inherited property. Dubai marriage tradition is one of the most respectable traditions in all the existing traditions in the world. It is a very complicated and bulky but very religious one. It involves a number of ceremonies during the time of marriage. Some are as follows:

• Drinking minty Arab tea
• Scheduling the wedding date
• Preparation for bride and groom.
• Dancing and singing involve the whole week’s celebration
• Anointing body with oil
• Applying cream
• Washing of hair with amber and jasmine extracts
• Decorating hands with henna

These all steps taken in between Dubai marriage tradition and hence this makes a very holy tradition. The “Arab tea” party is a very famous event involved in the tradition. During this time, the first meet is planned between the bride’s father and the groom’s father and the groom’s father asks for the hand of the bride from the bride’s father then this ceremony afterward ends in the confirmation of the marriage.

Our tradition is so cultured because the bride is not allowed to view it publicly and after the post-wedding dwelling finally the bride and groom see each other. Our tradition not only focus on two people who are married but also joining represent joining two families of different thinking but having same goal to have happiness all around them and spreads up to where they can.


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