Hair braid wrapped 2020

hair braid wrapped

The approaching autumn can not scare you, right? For your summer running at full power and has no intention of ending soon. Keep it up and have fun to the max. Meanwhile, let me show you a haircut, very comfortable for long trips, beach, and sea adventures. In its briefing to make us acquainted Joanna Goddard – American journalist and blogger. Witch writes about beauty and fashion in prestigious journals with proven reputations.

So can you trust her when it comes to changes and innovations in appearance? So, let us devote ourselves to hairdressing. Pre-specify the hairstyle that will create is more suitable for long hair. But that does not mean you can not try to make it.
And here is the hairstyle, which you can make fast alone:

– First, gather your mane into a tight ponytail on one side of the head. I wonder!
– Now divide the tail into 2 equal sections.
– Twist each half in a counterclockwise direction, away from your face.
– Then take a back section and transfer it over to the other. Continue with the transfer of the shallow end. You should get interesting interplay resembling a rope.
– Tie a rubber band. You can stop here, but if you are going
– Wrap the braid around the base of the tail until you get a romantic bun. That attach to the hairpin stability, which closed at Coca discreetly.

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