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The hairstyles, such as hair braids, trends for Fall-Winter were again inspired by the catwalks and fashion. Curls, ponytails, buns, hair-styled retro presses, or braids will be the most recent season. For many ladies, hair braids remain the undisputed favorite and the next fastest solution for hair styling after a ponytail.

In the collections of Valentino, the models always looked more feminine and beautiful, even with hair braids. Of course, hair-splitting is not present only in the ravines of his collections, but today we will show you how to make quick and easy hairstyles with braids.

To make a beautiful and really stylish hair braid, one should start with the basics – washing and drying your hair. Using a comb shape path that runs through the middle, take two front strands of hair that go on both sides of the oval of your face. Start braiding the hair that is about 2 inches wide. Braids are beautiful when fitted more snugly and tight on the head. Once you split them, fix each of them with fine elastics. Put them with the rest of the hair and form a small bun at the nape with pins.

Another beautiful option to complete the hairstyle is that these two small braids continue to weave together the rest of the hair with a large braid that can leave released or re-styled in a bun.

The next hairstyle will also shape quickly and easily. After you wash and dry your hair, you can gently use a press or rollers to make hair in waves. Again, you should take the front two strands of hair braids this time may be thicker. Tie them up again with elastics and form a small bun to secure with pins. The rest of the hair stays put as just under coca can Lace another third shallow.

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