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Home Remedies for Hair Growth 2020

Home Remedies for Hair Growth.

So you want longer, thicker and healthier hair, but you are on a tight budget? Or is it that you want to switch to using more natural products in your hair?


Whatever your reason, it is always a good decision to use home remedies for hair growth. This not only helps your hair and the environment, but it also helps your pocket.

Stuffing your hair with chemicals is definitely not good. Because we understand your need for using home remedies for hair growth, we have listed only products that most people have in their homes. This way, you don’t have to run out to the market to search for anything. It makes the entire process easier.

Home Remedies for Hair Growth

  1. Egg Mask – Who doesn’t have eggs in their kitchen? Not only is this a versatile product, it is also cheap. Egg is an amazing home remedy for hair growth because it is jam packed with protein. Protein is what strengthens the hair and encourages new growth.
  • Using an egg white, add a teaspoon of olive oil or honey and mix to form a smooth paste. Apply the paste to the roots and hair strands and leave it for twenty minutes. Rinse with cold water and shampoo.
  1. Coconut Milk – This common ingredient is an excellent home remedy for hair growth. Rich in protein, iron, essential fats and potassium. These help to reduce hair breakage.
  • Simply apply the coconut milk to problem areas and put on a shower cap. Let it stay overnight and rinse with cold water.
  1. Green Tea – Rich in anti-oxidants, this ingredient prevents hair loss and encourages growth.
  • Apply warm green tea to your scalp and let it rest for an hour. Rinse with cool water.
  1. Garlic – Did you know that this commonly used ingredient was a great home remedy for hair growth? Garlic reduces the shedding of hair. It also promotes new hair growth and helps with scalp circulation.
  • Crush a few cloves of garlic and boil in olive oil or coconut oil. Apply to hair roots and make sure to wash to properly wash it off. This should be done two-three times weekly.
  1. Vitamin E – A trusted home remedy for hair growth for years, this is rich in anti-oxidants. It also increases oxygen and blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Massage into the scalp before going to bed and simply give it a mild shampoo the next day.

There are many home remedies for hair growth. Select the one that is right for you and give your hair, pocket and the environment a break.



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