How to make a double knot hairstyle 2020

double knot hairstyleA bun hairstyles are very trendy this season. Stylists showed any options – low, high, classical, French ballerina bun, buns with braids etc. In this topic, you see a good idea of universal summer hairstyle that you can use as daily style: the beach or the office and evening hairstyle for evenings in clubs. Friday night is girls, you want to make a nice easy quick and very effective?
Let’s see how to make a double knot with a knot:
Before proceeding to the hair itself, to prepare the hair and to give sufficient volume to rise and become the knot good.
1. Please use styling products (foam, mousse, hairspray) Give your hair volume with hairdryer. If you have thick, naturally voluminous hair can simply capped, and if your hair is thinner, more use mousse for volume.
2. With a comb divide the hair into two equal parts in the middle of the head.
3. Grasp both handles each end, if you make two lines.
4. Then tie the ends of the hair and buckle.
5. Tie a second time as tie knot and buckle.
6. With a few hairpins attach coca to stay stable.
7. Clip the pins so that it is not visible from the outside of the hair and the ends of the unit allow it to hang freely. The length of the lower strands depends on the length of your own hair. Finally, finish with hairspray to hair stands stable and you have a double knot with a knot – a great modern hairstyle for any occasion.
The good thing about this hairstyle is that it for long and medium length hair. It is also not necessary to straighten her hair. The first picture shows a double knot bun with wavy hair. It seems a little casual and very cool and it is not difficult to implement try.

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