How to make hairstyle in layers 2020

hairstyle in layersTONI & GUY showed great layered hairstyle with smooth flowing layers, tapered edges and thick bangs – a fashionable look with chic motorcycle that is part of their new collection – Freedom. The hairstyle is suitable for long and medium length hair, and the topic will see how to make haircut step by step.
1. Divide hair into three parts – front, back, top, as shown in the picture. Take the top and capture a pinch. To obtain a uniform layer haircut, the first fixed length. Comb your hair back and cut a straight line to the desired length.
2. We start from the fringe haircut: Take the first strand with the comb and lift angle 90 ° Stretch well and cut to the desired length.
3. When ready comb bangs. End strands allow longer and create a slight gap oval line, cut across.
4. Continuing with locks on both sides of the head. Use the same technique – lift it up and get on with your fingers, stretch well and cut across.
5. Once you are done with both sides continue haircut with a lock of the middle part of the head. Repeat the same technique – lift up, stretch and cut at an angle.
6. then shape the ends of the hair strands as taut and cut away at an angle. This will be a smooth transition into the layers.
7. Dry hair stand up like a hair dryer and flat brush.
8. Finally, finish with a haircut for slicing all the more airy, smooth flowing layers.
9. Do the same on both sides of the fringe
10. Finally thinning strands around the face and the haircut is done.
The result is a modern layered haircut style rock chic and difference “before and after” is huge right.

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