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Do you also find it confusing as to whether you should comb your hair wet or dry? There are a lot of contradicting tips out there when it comes to combing and it can be challenging to discern which one to follow especially when you prefer one over the other. Combing is probably one of the most important parts of your hair care routine, especially in undoing the aftermath of your washing. It does not only make sure that there are no more tangles or knots left but it also smoothens your hair and making your hairstyle easier. However, improper combing techniques can cause more damage than benefits. In this article, we will share some helpful tips for combing your hair and tell you when is the best time to do it.

Why is combing your hair important?

As we have mentioned, combing is a crucial part of your hair care routine. While it may seem very normal and easy, doing it the wrong way can actually harm more than help you. Learning how to comb your hair properly is essential for preventing hair damage and achieving strong, silky, smooth, and healthy hair. In the morning, for example, maintaining a habit to comb upon waking up will help you get rid of knots and tangles formed while sleeping. It goes the same for when combing your hair before and after taking a shower or whenever you feel like you need to. When styling your hair, on the other hand, combing it within the entire process helps you separate it into sections, tie it, even out bumps, or tuck in baby hair. Learning about the best practices in combing will help make it easier and prevent damage.

Is it better to comb hair wet or dry?

You can comb your hair any time of the day. But when it comes to post-shower hair care routine, is it better to comb it right away while it is still wet or wait until it is dry? Well, the answer lies in the kind of hair you have. It is generally easier to comb the hair when it is wet because of less resistance. This is why you usually don’t have to put much effort into detangling knots after washing. However, wet hair is also more vulnerable making it more prone to hair breakage or split ends. Therefore, you should consider your hair type and how much detangling it needs when deciding whether you should comb it wet or dry. People with curly hair and more tangles will find it easier to comb while the hair is wet or damp. For people with straight and less detangled hair, on the other hand, it is safer to let their hair dry first before combing to help prevent breakage.

Tips for combing your hair

It is easy to get lost in the multitude of tips and tricks out there about hair care. But when it comes to combing, here are some tips that will surely guide you in doing it the right way:

  1. Use the right type of comb. Opt for the wide-tooth comb to prevent hair damage. The thicker and curlier the hair, the larger the comb needed.

  2. Comb with great care and concentration. Do not do it hastily to prevent breakage and damage.

  3. Do not comb while your hair is wet unless necessary or if you have curly and detangled hair.

  4. Comb only 2 or 3 times a day as much as possible. Doing so too frequently can damage the hair follicles.

  5. Do not use a comb with sharp teeth. Avoid pressing it too tightly on the scalp.

  6. Clean your comb regularly to avoid dirt from depositing into the gaps.

  7. Avoid using or borrowing other people’s comb.

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