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Is Tresemme A Good Shampoo?

So someone has been asking us if we think Tresemme is a good shampoo, of course we didn’t answer right away without trying it.

If you are looking for the right shampoo for you, and you might be thinking of buying a Tresemme bottle, go ahead. It’s great, and here is why!


That is the official tagline of the company, Tresemme. You might think that they sound so overly confident, and well that’s because they have the right to be so.

Tresemme is one of the company who truly understand the effects of having a good hair day. The most important effect is that it gives you the confidence boost you need.

It was a woman named Edna L. Emme who founded the brand in the year 1948. Unlike other women, Edna was a confident woman. Intelligent and beautiful at the same time, she is the perfect model to inspire women of today.

With so many set standards thrown in our faces through magazines, fashion shows, and television, Edna wanted women to have more confidence in themselves, to be happy with who they were, and to be able to make choices that would boost their confidence.

One more thing you have to know about Edna was that she was a rule breaker and an entrepreneur at the same time. She was tenacious in her beliefs, and she wanted to share her confidence to the women of the world.

Just like most of us, Edna started from the bottom. From the machine room to the boardroom, she was unstoppable.

She became the vice-president of the Godfroy Manyfacturing Company, which was a really rare feat during those times where men where leading in work places. Edna did it.

With her power as the vice-president, Edna launched Tresemme which was originally developed for salons.

The product offered a strong range for smooth, strong hair, and it was named after Edna. Edna knew what she was doing from her experience from working as a hairdresser in her sister’s salon.

She knew how important hair was, and how it was able to boost confidence. She wanted women to have it, not just when they head to the salons, but also in their homes. She introduced Tresemme to the public.

When Edna spoke, the world of Beauty listened.

After such a great success, it didn’t stop Edna from continuing to pave the way for women in her personal and professional career.

She continued to impact the industry that she helped make into a reality. She did it alone. Truly, she was one of best women to look up to.

There’s even a famous saying in their family inspired by her, “You’ve got the Emme in you”.

Tresemme has dedicated themselves into making sure that every woman will feel like they just stepped out of the salon after every shower from home. Looking and feeling fabulous! Another best thing about this is the price! Salon gorgeous hair for less!



They have six shampoos you can choose from. It depends on the current needs of your hair. Is Tresemme A Good Shampoo


Infused with natural ingredients like Ginger and Green Tea for healthy and shiny hair everyday. This shampoo focuses on deeply cleansing your hair to detoxify it from the daily impurities that build up and replenishes lost nutrients. Note that the formulation of this shampoo is free from parabens and dyes. You can use this daily.


Is Tresemme A Good Shampoo 1

This shampoo has been especially formulated with Argan Oil and Keratin. Just like the one above, this one will cleanse and nourish your hair and it will give you five benefits in just one wash, namely: anti-frizz, detangles, shine, smooth, tames flyaways. This is suitable for colored hair, and you can use this daily.


Is Tresemme A Good Shampoo 2Falling hair? This one is for you. This shampoo aims to repair hair damage and prevent hair fall. This shampoo is able to repair years of damage quickly and strengthen hair. You can use this daily.

Aside from Shampoos, they also have…



Have you ever heard of dry shampoo? Tresemme has one product under this.

Is Tresemme A Good Shampoo 3

If you are stuck somewhere without water, no worries. This dry shampoo is going to help you. There’s no need to miss a fresh look even when you skip a shampoo.


Detox And Nourish Conditioner


Every time we wash our hair, some of its natural oils goes with the water while rinsing, so this conditioner works by detoxifying and replenishing your hair.

Natural ingredients are in this product and you can use this daily to get gorgeous runway standard healthy and shiny hair.

You may apply this to your hair after rinsing your shampoo out.


Keratin Smooth Conditioner

This conditioner comes with what they call a micro-conditioning technology, specially formulated with Argan Oil and Keratin. The keratin works by nourishing each strand to make it smooth and manageable.


Color Radiance Conditioner


This is the world’s first color radiance booster technology that makes colored hair last up to two times longer. Color that stays, slays.

You will apply this after shampooing, you start from the mid-lengths to the end. Let it stay for at least 2 to 3 minutes before you rinse it out. Make sure to avoid contact with your eyes.

Rinse thoroughly with water if it happens.

And lots more…

Heat Protectant Spray

I personally like ironing my hair because I dislike the fly-away look, but of course, its hard to deny that having to iron one’s hair everyday is so tiresome and damaging to the hair.

It becomes thin and hair just falls down  more.


They have two:


Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment

This product was made from Tresemme’s most advanced technology and works with the heat of your styling tools to help you transform unruly hair to gorgeous, salon-smooth hair. The effect of this product lasts for up to four washes. Wow! Amazing!

So how does this work?

Tresemme advises to always start with Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner.

You can apply an approximate of eight to ten pumps of the product for medium length hair. That’s on towel dried hair. And please avoid applying on your scalp. Comb it.

And then after a minute, it is time to blow dry it. Straighten your hair in small sections and repeat three to five times. Enjoy your salon straight hair!


Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Spray


This product will help protect your hair from heat damage due to hair ironing. It will shield your hair from heat up to 450. Again, the keratin in this product reduces the frizz and acts as a barrier from heat styling tools.

Again, the company advises using Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner. You will spray the product liberally into damp, towel dried hair and comb it. Style it as usual.

Note: if you are using a hair dryer, point it downwards to aid in the smoothness of your hair.


What other hair treatments do they have?


Tresemme also have HAIR MASKS.

Detox and Nourish Treatment Mask, Keratin Smooth Mask, and Platinum Strength Treatment Mask. Okay, the Platinum Strength Treatment Mask works by revitalizing your strands, leaving your hair smooth, healthy-looking and strong.

How do you apply them?

After rinsing your shampoo, apply a generous amount of the hair mask into your hair. Make sure to distribute them evenly from the mid-lengths to the ends.

Work anything that’s left up towards the roots. Grab a wide-toothed comb or just your fingers through your hair to make it smooth and detangle.

Let it rest in your hair for about three to four minutes. You can use this once a week, or as often as you feel the need.


One of the first things I noticed after I used Tresemme was how good my hair smelled. The shampoo smelled really good and it lathered a lot. My hair felt refreshed while I was drying it with my towel.

I also noticed that my hair has gotten softer and it felt lighter. It was also shinier, and that’s just after one wash.

Using a Tresemme product is something that you will not regret because they really live up to what they say their products will do. Now I have added confidence I need to take on everyday.

I no longer worry too much about how my hair looks, or complain that I always have to tie it up because it doesn’t look nice if I just leave it as is. My hair is worth flaunting and I love it!

If you have any questioned with regards to this product, be sure to leave us a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Don’t forget to share to your friends! Everyone deserves salon gorgeous hair! If you are looking for more product reviews, feel free to browse around our website. We’ve got loads of content that can help you! 🙂

Stay safe, everyone!


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