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Long Hair trends Spring/Summer 2020

Versace longhairFor spring-summer 2012 hairstyles with lowered hair is very fashionable. Hairdressers of the leading brands all showed variations during the reviews for the new season – elegant soft waves, natural long hair in a casual style, beach hair with streaks of chips, wet hair, shiny hair with the open forehead, large curls and hair to one side, casual styles with time in the middle and etc.
Let’s look at what are the trends for long hair drawn:
Trend 1 – Natural Vision
Easy ideas for everyday hairstyles. Most brands showed hair with natural vision in presenting their collections for the new season. In Giles Givenchy and hair look very natural – long, fragile and slightly disheveled. Burberry and Chloe show wavy hair combed in the middle of the road, slightly split ends in hair urban style, ideal for elegant girls. In Theyksen long hair are layered and locks stand on pegs. At the top we find the time in between. Isabel Marant showed a beach hair disheveled locks, good idea for holidays or for women who love casual-elegant style.
Trend 2 – wavy styles
Such hairstyles are good ideas for dinner with lowered hair styles. At Versace and D & G hair is lush, airy and very bulky. We see the typical wavy hairstyles with volume, that look so hot. Betsey Johnson is a good idea for an evening hair style “Barbie” – with large curls and hair to one side. Anna Sui showed a glamorous hair style “Hollywood” with soft waves.
Trend 3 – Road through the middle of your hair
This trend had last season and for spring-summer 2012 is presented more extensively in recent collections.
If you have never worn your hair down the middle, make it this season. Scary art is, and what easier than changing.
Trend 4 – Path First
Although less time with the hair on one side present in the collections for spring-summer 2012, here are some ideas. When Celine hair straight and shiny, brushed to one side. Ellie Saab showed a sleek wavy hair on top hair combed to the side of the road.

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