Online Hair Trading 2020

HairMany people are surprised to discover that you can sell your hair online often for a considerable amount of money. Of course the next question they ask is how much is my hair worth? Well, there are several factors that affect the value of your hair…

Of course the amount of hair you have to sell obviously contributes to the overall selling price but there are many factors that affect the amount of money your hair is worth. It is important to note however that hair buyers will rarely be looking to purchase hair that is less than 8 inches in length.

The color of hair and rarity of that color plays a major role. All hair is unique in some way or other and will have it’s own characteristics but rarer colors, such as red hair, will be worth more than the more common brown/black hair. Hair that has natural highlights can also be extremely valuable.

One of the presiding factors in determining hair worth is whether it is virgin hair. Hair can only be regarded as Virgin if it hasn’t been subjected to colouring or unnatural styling such as heat treatments (ironing /curling). It cannot have been exposed to detriments such as drugs or cigarette smoke, and the hair cuticles should all be correctly aligned otherwise the hair has been damaged. Professionals who buy hair will quickly be able to tell if hair is virgin or has been subjected to any of the above.

Hair that has gone through the treatments above but has been fully grown out again over several years can sometimes be classified as virgin hair but it would never be considered the highest quality virgin hair.

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