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Having silky and healthy hair is very important for men and women alike. Considered our crowning glory, our hair adds beauty and personality to our physical appearance. Therefore, most of us invest in our hair and do everything we can to maintain its health. However, managing our hair and maintaining a hair care routine can be extra challenging for people with curly hair. In this article, we will share tips for detangling 4C hair and whether it is better to detangle it wet or dry.

What is 4C hair type?

Also known as Afro-textured hair, 4C hair belongs to the 4th category of hair types. It is often very dense and curly making it very difficult to manage. The Andrew Walker Scale also categorizes it as the curliest type of hair anyone can have. Because it is very voluminous and thick, it is normally dry, rough, and frizzy. People with this hair also often have a hard time detangling it and suffer from hair breakage. However, once taken care of and maintained properly, it is also very beautiful and amazing. Rocking this type of hair can make anyone stand out in the crowd by how their hair brings out their personality and unique identity.

Should you detangle 4C hair wet or dry?

One of the ways you can retain the length of your hair is if you detangle it properly all the time. Detangling it will keep it free from mats and knots that can cause breakage. For people with 4C hair, it is better to detangle your hair while it is damp – not super wet or extremely dry as it will make your hair more prone to breaking. The best way to do it is to use your fingers to naturally remove every knot or tangle. Start by misting your hair with warm filtered water until it becomes damped. Divide your hair strands into small and manageable sections. Use your fingers to separate each strand apart from the other then coat each section with a gel detangler. It can either be aloe vera gel, flax seed gel, or okra gel depending on your preference. Let it sit on your hair for about five to ten minutes then detangle each section again starting from the first area where you apply the gel. Do the same for each section. Finally, you can use a wide-tooth comb after detangling if you prefer or if you feel like you need to.

Tips for managing 4C hair

While having a 4C type of hair can bring a lot of disadvantages, there are also a lot of ways to care for it and maintain its health. Here are some important tips for managing your 4C hair:

  1. Use conditioner regularly.

  2. Apply oil every other day.

  3. Use protective hairstyles to prevent hair damage.

  4. Use the right hair brush.

  5. Cover your hair while sleeping.

  6. Trim your hair regularly.

Indeed, it is very challenging to maintain and manage a 4C type of hair. However, rocking any hairstyle can still be possible, and having curls can even be an advantage for you. This is why it is important to adopt a good hair care routine, regularly detangle, and use the right products to maintain the health of your hair.

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