Summer Styling of Wet Hair 2020

WetHair style

WetHair styleIf you want to diversify your vision hairstyle try wet hair this summer. The Effect of the wet hair is one of the hottest hair trends for the new season, and stylists from the world fashion gives a pretty good idea.
Completely turned back hair, shiny hair effect. This style is suitable for almost any length of hair – from medium length (shoulder) to very long (down to waist). Completely reversed back hair, slicked with gel wet look half (top of head) – half dry. This effect stands very well on straight hair or slightly wavy. If your hair is too curly to make this hairstyle, straighten in advance.

The upper part of the hair is completely reversed back with gel. If you want super shiny effect on the hair, you can use a smoothing serum. And if you prefer matte effect after application of the gel “clean” brush. For dry and wet part of the hair will have a drastic difference.
You can try different products: foam or wax driest part of the hair. Give more volume, especially in areas where dry and wet hair is part of the merge.

The wet effect is achieved with styling products, which are applied in large quantities on the hair. This style is suitable for any hair length, even for very short. For very curly hair may require advance standing. And brittle hair do not need further treatment.

If you want your hair to stand on pegs, as in hairstyles Alexander Wang, use foam volume by roughly applied to dry hair. Then apply argon oil on the hair. If you want wet hair with a smooth effect, as with hairstyles Carlos Miele, mix the gel and oil sheen in equal amounts. Apply on the hair. Besides lowered wet hair can be worn in different styles.

Add elastic or barrette will have a beautiful ponytail. Lift your hair in a bun or low down in the middle of your head and you’re ready for the beach or on hot nights in discos in the sea. The sleek shiny effect or a shaggy tufts of chips, wet hair stands great for summer.

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