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  • Hair braid wrapped 2020

    Hair braid wrapped 2020

    The approaching autumn can not scare you, right? For your summer running at full power and has no intention of ending soon. Keep it up and have fun to the max. Meanwhile, let me show you a haircut, very comfortable for long trips, beach and sea adventures. In its briefing to make us acquainted Joanna […]

  • Easy hairstyle for city ​​girls 2020

    Easy hairstyle for city ​​girls 2020

    And in case that you need a comfortable and unique hairstyle, maybe the next words and tips will help you and will make your hair more beautiful. One that highlights your personality and at the same time, do not get upset when a lot of walking in the streets. Well, American fashion blogger Joanna Goddard […]

  • The first time of your colored hair 2020

    The first time of your colored hair 2020

    We learned that you have decided to seriously change the color of your hair, right? This is great, but if you paint first, assume that you need a short briefing. And because we’re helpful, we will provide one. But first let me give you a sincere advice: pray you, keep natural pattern of your hair […]

  • Modern Hairstyles 2020

    Modern Hairstyles 2020

    Dominated the catwalk hair XXL – style ’70s, to impose long, natural hair – simplicity and romantic hairstyles. We offer you ten best hairstyles this season: 1. Fever but 70s. Extra long and super straight, a road in the middle offers Dolce & Gabbana. One model, caused a furor this fall. Similar pattern and proposes […]