Refresh your vision with new hairstyle 2020

To remove a couple of years the personal vision instead of botox injections, laser, removes wrinkles, or other magic creams, just change the hair color and hairstyle. The new hairstyle can easily refresh your vision and make you look more stylish, beautiful and younger. Your hairdresser and knows the taste and preferences. And ask for […]

Hair Trends

Short Hair trends Spring/Summer 2020

The short hairstyles look fresh and young. Practical and are easily maintained. Ideal for dynamic life of employed women. Short hair is sexy, the right short haircut emphasizes the beauty of the face. During this season are fashionable short hairstyles with natural vision. The hairdressers leading brands showed very fresh ideas, let us consider the […]

Hair News

Women with short hair are looking more intelligent 2020

According to a research the women with short hair are perceived by others as more intelligent. The project leader is the American professor Marian LaFrans. In LaFrans test conducted by an unspecified number of participants were shown pictures of succession the same woman, but with a few different styles: long wavy, long straight, a short, […]