The first time of your colored hair 2020

colored hairWe learned that you have decided to seriously change the color of your hair, right? This is great, but if you paint first, assume that you need a short briefing. And because we’re helpful, we will provide one. But first let me give you a sincere advice: pray you, keep natural pattern of your hair to the longest possible time. They are so beautiful that they have no sense of “restore” trust us. In case you still have to do (whiten, huh?), You should know that: Уnlikely to achieve the result (in color) on the packaging of paint.
Black frappe, chocolate, mahogany, chestnut are not recommended. Remember that your hair is one color – there are romantic shades darker and lighter streaks. This should give you talked a lot, especially that by applying the color, you will probably get a new interesting combination of patterns. (The black paint is an exception to the rule, especially if applied over a dark background). Note that detail and then proceed to carry out the desired transformation.
Our advice is not to experiment with bold patterns. Trust on those close to your natural color. Because otherwise you get something, or even worse: As for the paint, we recommend you try this without ammonia content. She, of course, is more expensive than ammonia and its price jumps significantly when talking about professional cosmetics. But he said that more gentle integrity of the hair and does not lead to its depletion. The bad thing is that its roof strength is not particularly high, even – ever. That is to say, a more aesthetic effect – enhances color and shine. But suppose you are 98% white, right? Well, you did a wonderful job.
Another thing I will recommend is necessarily cut before painting. Because fresh hair, no tangled ends lighter tolerated the treatment in question. After the first two successive baths do not necessarily apply the balm (and even then any other) to keep your mane moisturized and in good spirits. We sincerely hope you paint someone who has experience in this and knows what he is doing. Because the consequences can be tragic. We tell you this from personal experience. Even if you are advised to go to the hairdresser and left in the hands of a professional. For the first time is always important, even when it comes to hair

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