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If you want to make an impression with your hair this season, choose the style of Valentino. His Romantic Updo with braided hair is one of the most beautiful hairstyles, in the fashion shows for spring-summer 2012. This fabulous hairstyle is a loose French braid that goes around your head like a wreath. It is suitable for ladies with long hair whose strands are divided into several layers. The creator and Guido Palau (creative consultant for Redken) share how she made this hairstyle. See what are the steps for creating and:

1. Apply Redken all soft argan-6 oil on dry hair. This product contains Argan oil. Makes hair soft and easy to process, and adds volume and shine. (More info in the link)
2. Take a round brush and divide the crown of the head into three parts – upper, middle, and lower.
3. In the middle of the start weave a French braid from the left by going through the crown of the head and ending at the right ear.
4. At the bottom make a French braid in the opposite direction clockwise. Start knitting to the right ear, touring a hairline.
5. The upper part of the hair is used to create a French braid around the forehead. The goal is to obtain a full circle. Where the shallow bottom end (above the right ear) begins above.
6. The ends of the strings attached to the clips, trying to hide them under the French braid in the field behind the right ear.
7. At several places attach clips shallow bottom, to make it healthier hair.
8. Use hairpins and lateral sectors.
9. Finish with a little hairspray for more durability. Finally, you can remove a few strands on both sides of the face, around the ears.


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