Website Design Birmingham Alabama

Are you a business owner who is looking for a website designer for the website you are planning to put up for your brand? While there are a lot of website design services available online, nothing beats a local service provider whom you can physically meet up with for the project you are aiming to accomplish. Website Design Birmingham AL is the best website design service in Birmingham, Alabama. Aside from the quality of service they provide, they also have good customer care which most locals love and look for. In this post, we will share how and why you can and should avail of their service for your future website.

Website Design Birmingham AL

Branded as one of the best website design service providers in Birmingham, this firm caters to both local and international clients for their website design and development needs. Their team of talented and professional designers, developers, graphic artists, writers, and marketing consultants have accomplished various projects ranging from basic pages to blogs, portfolios, e-commerce, and more complex forms of websites. They have a comprehensive project completion process starting from planning to launching and maintenance that helps their clients easily manage their websites.

Why should you avail of their service?

Getting help from professionals for your website is the best step you can take to level up your business especially if you are not skilled in website design and development. Building a website can be a challenging task and requires an investment of time and resources. Hiring someone who is experienced in website design guarantees you a quality output and prevents you from wasting time and money on such an investment as a website.

Website Design Birmingham AL aims to help brands and businesses reach their potential by providing them with a quality and functional website which serves its purpose by (1) establishing the brand’s credibility; (2) improving their customers’ user experience; (3) optimizing their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rank; and (4) helping them save time and effort from the tedious process of designing a website. The bottom line is that the value their clients get from this service is being extended to their client’s customers.

Website design packages from their service

Currently, Website Design Birmingham AL offers three website design packages namely: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Rates-wise, their basic package is budget-friendly which is why it is perfect for start-up owners or clients who want to build their own basic portfolio website. Small brands and businesses can still highlight the most relevant aspects of their brand within one to three web pages which already includes an SEO optimization feature and one-month free technical support for only $192. Meanwhile, their standard package, which is the best seller, caters best to medium-sized businesses whose websites require additional web pages and features like having a blog or portfolio page. They can get the same features as the basic package for up to six web pages plus a social integration feature for $384 only. Lastly, their premium package is $576 for large businesses needing more complex websites that can feature more aspects of their brands. The package includes quality web design for up to ten web pages and the same inclusions as the other packages plus Google Analytics.

What makes a good website design?

It is the goal of Website Design Birmingham AL to help its clients build and launch a good website both in terms of design and function. But what exactly makes a good website design? Here are some of the essential elements a website should possess to achieve its purpose:

  1. Clear message – Since your website is a marketing tool that represents your brand or to the public, it is necessary that your visitors will easily understand the purpose of your business and the identity it wants to portray. Having a clear and concise message on your homepage and across all your web pages will help your target audience connect to your brand and trust the value it is trying to offer them.

  2. Visually pleasing and professional design – An aesthetic web design does not always guarantee success. The goal of making your website visually pleasing and professional-looking can be achieved even in the simplest of ways. What is essential is to make sure that the choice of colors, themes, images, and fonts complement the identity of your brand and the preferences of your target audience or customers.

  3. Mobile- and user-friendly design – Given that most people are now more engaged in their mobile phones, it is most likely that they will encounter your website while they are just scrolling through social media or the internet. Therefore, it is helpful to make your web design mobile- and user-friendly so people can navigate through it without a hassle.

  4. Fast loading speed and easy navigation – Most visitors especially new ones and those who are not that immersed in technology will prefer websites that make navigation easy for them. A fast-loading and easily navigated website leads your visitors to the right places on your website that will satisfy their preferences and information needs.

  5. Quality content – Aside from your product or services, another way to offer value to your target audience is to give them quality content through your blog posts and web pages. A website with quality content attracts more visitors who will go to your website because of the information they can get from it. Therefore, your posts should center on information that describes, argue, analyze, and offer solutions to problems concerning your field and the needs of your target audience.

  6. Search Engine Optimization – An SEO-optimized website that ranks on search engines is most likely to reach its target audience more than other websites that are just merely publishing content. Once people search for the target keywords related to the information they need online, your website and any related content tagged on the same keywords will pop up and get the chance to be noticed. This helps you achieve your purpose in offering valuable content and product or service to your target audience.

  7. Calls To Action – CTAs are often underestimated and overlooked but their purpose is very relevant especially if you built your website in hopes of selling a product or offering a particular service. Placing CTAs in the right places across your website helps your visitors direct themselves to posts and pages that will most likely lead them to purchase your product or avail of your service.

  8. Testimonials – For businesses who already managed to acquire sales, they can ask their past customers to provide testimonials regarding their experience with the product or service they availed. These testimonials help your future clients or customers trust you and the credibility of your brand.

Indeed, building a website for your brand or business is an investment. The search for the right service provider who can best accomplish the goals you have set for your website is a crucial part of the entire building process. However, the benefits you will gain in hiring a professional outweigh the expenses. If you are someone from Birmingham or any other part of the world who is looking for a web designer or developer, go and check out Website Design Birmingham AL now.