Website Design Vestavia Hills AL

When it comes to hiring a website designer for your brand’s or business’s website, nothing beats the services of a local one. Working with a team that you can easily meet with face to face makes the project more efficient and personal. There are a lot of web design services available online, but most people consider credibility as a big factor and someone who coordinates with you physically is definitely a plus. In this article, we will delve deeper into some of the best website design companies and providers in Vestavia Hills, Alabama to help you and your business find the best.

Web Design Service Providers in Vestavia Hills

In this list are three of the best website design service provides in Vestavia Hills:

1. Titan Digital – Titan Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers web design services along with other branding and marketing needs like logo design, search marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media, video production, and print design. Some of the industries they serve include businesses, law firms, insurance agencies, transportation companies, academe, home services, property management, and communities. Since 2011, their team of account managers, designers, writers, web developers, and SEO and social media experts have been helping their clients build websites that improve sales and achieve business goals.

2. Toucan Design – Toucan Design is a graphic design company that specializes in website design for over 30 years. They help small and mid-sized companies all over the United States establish an online presence through a well-designed, aesthetically appealing, and search-engine-optimized website. When it comes to websites, they specialize in building ones through WordPress with the help of their team of WordPress designers, graphic designers, and SEO experts. They build various types of websites including blogs, eCommerce, educational, news, and online magazines, portfolios, and product and service marketing. Fortunately, their services are budget friendly on top of being credible and quality.

3. Zaidan Web Design – Zaidan is a web design company based in Alabama that offers web design, online marketing, and print services for local small and medium businesses. They specialize in creating custom websites, WordPress websites, and Magento E-commerce along with SEO and social media marketing services including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Their all-in-one small business website marketing plan includes website hosting, consultation, on-site photography, custom-designed website, custom logo design, professional copywriting, search engine optimization, submission of company profile to online directories, submission to search engines, and discount on printing and graphic design.


With the increasing demand for businesses to transition online, establishing a digital presence can be best achieved through a website. Building one that is sure to perform its role as a marketing tool requires the help of a professional. Experienced web designers, whether they work solo, with a team, or under an agency, offer the services any business needs in putting up an efficient and well-designed website. Hiring one from a local service provider comes with all the advantages including personal consultations. Fortunately, Vestavia Hills has them all.

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