What hairstyle to choose – Box or Beans? 2020

BOB HairstyleThe difference between the box and beans is that that box is Bob hairstyle without bangs. As seen, the classification is quite arbitrary, so simply select the style that you please, but now that it is beans or box, it does not matter.
To make a popular hairstyle Classic Box (Bob), you first need to wet hair. If hair dries before you are finished, spray it with water spray to keep it kind of conditioned in a way. When determining the length of hair for a haircut, remember that after drying it will be rising slightly and will be 1 cm shorter, provided that it is right. The hair is collected on a strand, while leaving behind a strand of the lower back. The thickness of the strand is not more than 1 cm If your hair is thick, may for convenience to divide about the middle of the forehead to the occiput and two attaching the harness.
The first cut the individual strands. Must be held between the forefinger and middle finger and hair to be cut to length from the grip of the hands under your fingers. This first strand is a control for everyone else. The following highlights should be separated by a horizontal path in the next 1 cm Each is brushed on the former and cut a slash. The hair lies close to the head without stretching.
Box hair (although it may be called Bean) is performed by the method of superimposing a lock on the lock with a straight cut. Gap moves from the middle of the back towards the face and hair is aligned left and right by turning the central strand. When it comes to the level of the temples, the hair is given the same horizontal lines. Care must be taken that style box is made without any download, that strand after strand to comb without any angle close to the head. Facial hair should be divided into time to the following encounters left and right and cut as equals on the main line of the haircut is more of a head. To check the symmetry of the front strands are joined under the chin or use front of the face. Locks on the temples and nape comb should be left and right to unite behind the center, to check whether they are of equal length. To obtain high-quality style, hair should be brushed in the direction of growth, then back several times – no lock should not violate the flat line style. Stripping here is a very cut line of hair, so do not talk about it as a separate operation. Sliced ​​but not necessarily. In style sliced ​​Box is made of 2-2.5 cm If we sliced ​​in roots, the hair will look more rounded.

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