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At any age, hair loss can be a distressing problem, and unfortunately, it’s very common in women and even more common in men. Roughly half of all men will suffer some amount of loss before the age of 50, with the risk of hair loss increasing with age. If you’re noticing signs of hair loss, follow these steps to take action and start addressing the problem.

1. Start fighting early.

It’s never too early to take steps to prevent hair loss. By switching to a hair loss shampoo, like Regenepure DR, you can help to promote good scalp health, fight product build-up and stimulate the hair follicles. Together, these effects can all decrease the likelihood of hair loss or at least delay it.

2. Talk to your doctor.

Before you start using any over-the-counter hair loss product like minoxidil, make an appointment to see your doctor. While the most common form of hair loss, androgenic alopecia, is not tied to any medical issue, other types of hair loss are. Your doctor should perform a complete blood work screening to rule out any possible nutritional deficiencies or health problems that may be causing your symptoms. He or she can also discuss what type of hair loss treatment is right for you.

3. Find the ideal treatment for your needs.

Once you have your doctor’s recommendations, you’ll still likely have to choose between a number of available hair loss treatments. The most commonly recommended androgenic alopecia treatment, minoxidil 5%, comes in three different varieties: dropper solutions, foams and sprays. Most men find that sprays, like Regenepure’s Precision Minoxidil Spray, is the easiest to use. Spray solutions are the most effective when paired with a hair loss shampoo and scalp treatment, like Regenepure DR or Regenepure NT, because they can be applied right to the scalp.

4. Stick with it.

Once you find a hair loss solution that is conducive to your lifestyle, you’ll need to keep using it daily as directed. Don’t become discouraged and stop treatment if you don’t see results right away. Products like minoxidil have a cumulative effect that takes time to halt shedding and encourage new growth. With time, you should begin to see results if you’re diligent with treatment.

By Simon Shamay – Hair Loss Expert at Regrowth.com


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