Women’s Hairstyles 2020


What is the trend in women’s hairstyles today? Women are seeking hairstyles that reveal who they are. Their hair is a shortcut to their personality. From the shy and conservative hairstyle to the bold and adventuresome hairstyle, there’s no limit to what a woman can look like anymore. To communicate who you really are take a chance and break away from the tried and true haircut you’ve always worn. From the ultra-short haircut to the long and curly haircut, they are all popular depending on who you are and who you want to look like.

Princess Diana was the first to wear a very short-cropped hairstyle. When people mention “crop” hairstyle they always think of her. This “freedom” hairstyle is for those experiencing a time in their life when freedom is all that really matters. Sharp angular razor cuts are popular for those looking for an easy-to-care-for style, especially during the summertime. Short messy haircuts are also in style today. Short haircuts that are mid-length are also popular, not just because they are so easy to care for but because they also frame the face making the eyes appear to look larger. Hair extensions can be worn with this haircut, either to give it length or to make it appear fuller.

Medium-length hair, either straight or curly, is fit for a queen. It can be worn up in a ballerina-style bun for a more feminine look or a french twist for a more conservative yet glamorous look. Worn down, a hair extension can give it even more length or attach a braid or ponytail when you feel like looking cute and sassy. Medium-length hair may need a little more attention but it never has to look the same. With so many ways to wear it, you’ll never be bored.

Long hair is always lovely, any time of the day or night, any time of the year. Wear it up, wear it down, it may take extra care but it’s fun. French braids are a favorite of the bride-to-be and can be worn with pretty clips, combs, and sticks. Don’t poke fun at a gal with long hair; she is grabbing the attention of men all of the time. You can curl long hair with heated rollers, straighten it with curling irons or whisk it up quickly when you’re on the go. This hairstyle is both beautiful and trendy all of the time. No matter what type of hair you have, thin or thick, long hair will always be in style, click here for more info.

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